Climbing Frame Installation

All our Climbing Frames come complete with full instructions but unless you are an experienced DIY-er it may be worth considering using a professional installation service. 

Garden Toy Store do not provide a direct installation service but we can pass on the details of some professional climbing frame installers that are familiar with our products and should be able to help you. Please contact us at for more details. 

The cost of the installation using a professional installer will depend on the combination of climbing frame modules purchased. A typical climbing frame tower with swing attachment, slide and accessories will cost in the region of £300 to £400 to install. 


Climbing Frame Installations: FAQs

Depending on your competence in practical matters, it may be an option to install your new climbing frame yourself. It should be noted however that this will not be appropriate for everyone – it’s not the same as putting together a set of drawers from IKEA.

How Competent or Experienced Do I Need to Be to Install a Climbing Frame?

We strongly recommend that Climbing Frame assembly is performed only by experienced, capable persons. If you are experienced and competent in completing DIY projects, there is no reason you wouldn’t be able to install a climbing frame yourself, assuming you have another person with you and lots of time to devote to it.

How Many People Do I Need to Install a Climbing Frame?

At the very least you’ll need two people to install a Climbing Frame, however we recommend three. A Climbing Frame installation is NOT a one-man job, certainly for the scale and quality of the Climbing Frames that we stock here at Garden Toy Store. 

How Long Does it Take to Install a Climbing Frame?

This really depends on how skilled and experienced the installers are. It would generally take a profesional installer a full day to install most of our climbing frames, however for more complex configurations it can take a couple of days or more.

What Tools Do I Need to Install a Climbing Frame?

You’ll need an electric screw gun or a full set of sockets and wrenches. You’ll also need an electric drill, a spirit level, screws appropriate to the frame you have chosen and everything you need to mix and apply concrete for the footings. We also recommend a ready supply of biscuits.

Do I Need to Buy the Wood for My Climbing Frame Separately?

No, unlike some stores and websites we provide everything you need. This includes all the wood, which is pressure-treated and supplied cut to size. All you need are the tools and practical skills to get the Climbing Frame assembled and secured in place. You’ll also need some cement, in which you’ll set the footings of your new Climbing Frame. 

Preparation for a Climbing Frame Installation

Do I Need to Check the Equipment Once It’s Been Delivered?

Absolutely, yes. This is very important. If something is missing – maybe it got lost or damaged in transit, or maybe you didn’t order everything you’d meant to order – then your installer may very well be unable to do the installation. This can result in very disappointed children (not to mention the adults). This is not the fault of the installation team, however – safety is the most important consideration, and it may well be unsafe to do the job if all the parts aren’t there.

Furthermore, your installer may have travelled a considerable distance to get to the site, and it may not be possible to simply come back another day, particularly in busy periods. It’s extremely important to check what you receive as soon as possible after delivery, and it is your responsibility to do this. The delivery should be checked against the components checklist which will be included with the delivery. 

If you find that any parts are missing or damaged, please contact us as soon as possible. 

How Should I Prepare the Site?

First, you need to think about the surface the Climbing Frame will be installed on. If it is a hard surface you will need to ensure the site is flat and then apply a soft surface on top. There are various options here, from set surfaces such as wetpour, bonded rubber bark, rubber tiles/mats or artificial grass, to loose surfacing such as bark chippings or rubber bark. See below for our guide to choosing the right surface for your Climbing Frame site. If it to be installed on grass, you should choose a well-drained location and ensure the ground is flat. You may wish to consider using safety matting, which the grass will grow through. This is effective at absorbing some of the impact from a fall.

We also strongly recommend the use of a membrane beneath the surfacing in order to prevent plant growth through the play surface.

Climbing frames need to be set into safe footings, so it is important that the ground can be dug out where the footings will be. Where a thin layer of soil and grass has been laid over concrete or an old patio, for example, it would not be possible for our installation team to install the Climbing Frame.

How Should I Store My Climbing Frame Before Installation?

All equipment, but most importantly the wood, should be stored in a dry, flat location. It is important to ensure that the wood is laid flat; it should NOT be left leaning against a wall or on a step. This could cause problems at the installation stage if the wood has bowed as a result of not being stored correctly.