Wooden Climbing Frames

We stock two excellent brands of modular high-quality wooden climbing frames for children. We have put together packages featuring our most popular combinations, but all items are also available for our shoppers in the UK. Garden Toy Store offers free deliveries on orders above £75!

Wooden climbing frames are great lawn installations for children. At a crucial age of development, these structures will have children running, jumping and learning while they play. Every climb or jump on a climbing frame contributes to a child’s physical development. Also, the modular wooden installations we provide will sit beautifully on any property.

Our company strives to provide customers with the best possible options for wooden climbing frames. Our frames are built for many years of continued use. Sturdy, child-safe materials are used in the manufacturing of these climbing frames.

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Wooden Climbing Frames with Swing Arms 

Have a look at our Blue Rabbit, and Jungle Gym Climbing Frame packages. 

 Wooden climbing frames

Blue Rabbit – This supplier provides a wide selection of climbing frames designed with fun and play in mind. Their carefully-manufactured installations come in many sizes, perfect for different sized gardens or recreational spaces.

Jungle Gym – This range provides complete packages for hassle-free installations. Jungle Gym is a very popular choice for climbing frames especially in Europe.

Climbing Frame Towers without Swing Arms 

If you are just looking for a climbing frame tower or would like to build your own climbing frame combination have a look at these pages. Please e-mail us if you need any assistance with your chosen combinations. 

Climbing Frame Towers without Swing Arms

Design that Grows

A versatile feature in many of our climbing frames is modularity. While they ship with suggested designs, our clients are free to modify the form of our climbing frames. This modular approach is great for adapting these climbing frames. As children grow, it is possible to add new features that will refresh the frame and extend their challenge. Through time, a comprehensive frame can be had by supplementing the wooden frame with many extensions.

Need Help Deciding? Talk to Us

Our clients often have specific concerns when shopping for a climbing frame. Here at Garden Toy Store, we offer an option for our buyers to call us and seek advice. Our representatives are happy to help. They will lead you to the right model for your budget, the space available and your children’s age.