Climbing Frame Maintenance

 How Do I Maintain my Climbing Frame?

We recommend you maintain your wooden Climbing Frame. Although it is not essential to maintain the wood components of your Climbing Frame, it will wear better and last longer if you do look after it. Your local hardware shop will have an array of products you can use to treat the wood; you can use either a water-based treatment or an oil-based treatment, as you prefer. If you choose to actively maintain your Climbing Frame, we’d recommend treating it every year or two. We recommend you treat it the Summer after it is installed, and we recommend using an oil-based stain sealant such as Danish Oil.

You should make a point of regularly checking the bolts are tight, particularly on parts of the equipment that are heavily used.

As a natural wood product, it is likely that squeaking will develop around the swing fittings from time to time. This can be fixed through the application of a little WD40, as necessary.

Will My Climbing Frame be OK if it Snows?

Your Climbing Frame will be OK under snowy conditions. With Playhouses, or if your Climbing Frame has a significant roof area, you should remove standing snow from the roof area to guard against damage being incurred by excess weight.