Climbing Frames

Add a feature that kids will love in your back garden. Our modular wooden climbing frames offer you a great way to make your lawn or open space more exciting for kids. They will offer hours of endless, healthy, good fun.

The Best Selection You Can Find

Here at Garden Toy Store, we have built relationships with three of the most trusted and reliable climbing frame brands in the UK. We have Jungle Gym, Action and Blue Rabbit climbing frames that are not only well-designed but also built from the top-quality materials. As established brands, the manufacturers know how to build climbing frames that are safe for their intended users. Their products are expertly finished and ship complete for painless installations.

Fit for Homes of Varying Sizes

We have an extensive selection of wooden climbing frames for you to choose from. Our customers’ needs vary due to factors such as the age and number of the children and the size of the available space. With a catalogue like ours, we can help customers find a climbing frame that will work perfectly for their homes and their kids.

From Brands You Can Trust

Garden Toy Store sources its products from brands we trust. With us, you may choose climbing frames from:

Jungle Gym  This brand is a very popular one in the UK and Europe. They manufacture complete kits that cut set-up time to a minimum.

Action Wooden Climbing Frames Modularity is the main draw for Action’s wooden climbing frames. Build your climbing frame in a way that perfectly fits your space and upgrade as you go!

Blue Rabbit Designed for those who love DIY, these easy-to-install climbing frames ship with complete prefabricated parts.

Outstanding Modularity

Climbing frames from Garden Play Store feature outstanding modularity. All parts are built to fit across models, LEGO-style. Through this, it is possible to add new functionalities and segments to existing climbing frames. As your home and your children grow, you may adapt an existing climbing frame to your needs.

Browse our catalogue and feel free to select the most outstanding choice today. If you have any doubts or want more information, we have a free consultation service. Call us for expert advice.