New Blue Rabbit Products for 2017

The Blue Rabbit 2.0 range of climbing frames has been a huge success and they are adding to this range for 2017 with new towers and accessories. 

The new Pagoda tower has the largest platform of all of the Blue Rabbit Tower measuring 1.4m x 1.6m so plenty of room for lots of children to play all at once! With two entry exit points in addition to the slide a rock wall or climbing ramp can easily be added on to this climbing frame. 

Blue Rabbit Pagoda

Also new for this year is the Challenger Swing Arm which can be attached to any of the towers and includes a rock wall, climbing net and sloped platform. There is also space for two swing attachments. 

Blue Rabbit Challenger Swing Arm

A wooden staircase is now an option for all Blue Rabbit Climbing frames, this is a good option for younger children who will find it easier to reach the platform with a standard ladder. 

Wooden Steps Blue Rabbit

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