Ideas for customising your wooden playhouse

Garden Toy Store sell a range of lovely wooden playhouses and although many of our customers choose to leave their playhouses unpainted for a natural wood look, these look fantastic with a bit of colour.

How Do I Paint a Playhouse?

We would advise that you use a primer or undercoat on the wood before painting your playhouse. Make sure you choose products that are suitable for outdoor protection. Make sure that you leave the wood to dry for 24 hours, then choose your shade of wood paint (outdoor use) and paint away! 

Start with an undercoat of wood preserver or primer, ensuring that you choose one which is suitable for outdoor protection. This will make your playhouse last even longer and will make the surface smooth and easier to apply an even coat of paint to. Give the undercoat 24 hours to dry, then you'll be ready to paint!

We like Cuprinol's garden shades range which is readily available in larger DIY stores and also Protek's Wood stain range which has some good colours. 

See below for some inspiration! 

Honeysuckle playhouse painted in Cuprinol Coastal Mint and plain Jasmine

Painted Honeysuckle playhouse

We love the Beach theme of this Honeysuckle playhouse 

Painted Honeysuckle playhouse blue and white  

 This customer has gone for another Blue theme for their Honeysuckle playhouse with tower and slide

Honeysuckle playhouse painted with slower

A beautiful double storey 7 x 5 painted playhouse. 

Painted double story playhouse

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